Genealogy of the Bremer family “von Holtz”

The patriarch of the Bremer von Holtz family is Johann Christian vom Holtze, born December 23, 1723, in the village of Barrien (approx.10 miles south of Bremen). He was a child of Johann Christian sr. (1691-1730) and Meimerich Ritterhoffs/Ridderhofs. (see sources below)

Citizen's oath taken by
Citizen’s oath taken by “Johan Christian von Holtz von Barjen amt Sieke”, April 14, 1751 (source: “Die Maus”, Bremen)

His grandfather, Franz Thielo – recorded as “Frantz Thilo” at the time of his death – was “Vogt zu Barrien”, i.e. local governor of said village. He outlived his son Johann Christian sr. by almost 3 years and died in 1732 at the age of 75 years.

Johann Christian jr. eventually moved to Bremen, where on April 14, 1751, he took the citizen’s oath as “Johan Christian von Holtz”, possibly in order to gain permission to become a baker there.
On July 14 of that year, he married Adelheit Sanders in the “unser lieben Frauenkirche” of Bremen. In the church register of marriages he is recorded as “Johann Christian von Holtz” with an approximate date of birth of 1724, being “Grobbecker” of profession. The couple had 3 sons:

  • 1754 Joachim Engelcke
  • 1757 Johann Christian
  • 1761 Herman Jacob

On October 27, 1762, another marriage is registered in Bremen for a baker named “Johann Christian (von) Holtz”, this time with Adelheid Stille. The profession of this person is also “Grobbecker”, but the date of birth is given here as 1742. This couple had 5 children:

  • 1767 Adelheid
  • 1770 Margaretha Catharina
  • 1772 Joachim Engel(c)ke
  • 1776 Anna Margaretha
  • 1780 Hermann Diederich

In the list of godparents for these 5 children, 2 brothers of Adelheit Sanders appear frequently and also another relative of hers. It seems to indicate that this person actually is the same Johann Christian of the earlier marriage with Adelheit Sanders. Adelheit Sanders probably passed away shortly after the birth of her third son. Since the first son of Johann Christian’s second marriage also is called Joachim Engelke, it is likely that the Joachim Engelcke of his first marriage passed away early too.

In the address books of Bremen, commencing in 1794, no record is found of the von Holtz family members until 1805, when Joachim Engelke starts to appear as a “Weisbecker” (a higher class of baker than “Grobbecker”). Initially he is recorded as “Holz, Ioachim, Weisbecker, Pelzerstraße.”, and later as “von Holz, Joachim Engelke, Weißbecker, Pelzerstraße, Nr. 51.”  As of 1818 Johann Christian’s youngest son, Herman Diederich, appears in the address books too, as a Grobbecker. As of 1825 the entry for the 2 brothers changes to “von Holtz”. No mention is made in these books of any of the sons of Johann Christian’s first marriage, which seems to imply that these sons all passed away early (or moved away, or were without noteworthy profession).

Johann Christian himself is listed as one of the parents in the “Stammtafel” (i.e. family-table) of Joachim Engelke’s first marriage in 1804. His wife is listed there too and his profession at that time is recorded still as “Grobbecker”. But in the “Stammtafel” of Joachim Engelke’s second marriage in 1807, Johann Christian’s wife’s name no longer appears, and his profession is not given either.

bremer-von-holtz-descendants dd 20170814
Descendants of Johann Christian vom Holtze aka von Holtz

Note that in both cases just the name Christian is used.

Sofar, no record has been found of Johann Christian’s death.

A graphical overview of his descendants is given on the right.


Verzeichnis der Getauften der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Barrien – Nr.50/1691/Seite 107/Buch 1: “Johann Christian vom Holtze, Franz Thielos des Vogtes Sohn, ist gebohren d. 25ten 9br (i.e. November) und d. 29ten ejusd. getauft. Die Gevattern waren Dettmar Wulffges, Henr. Cortrey, Anne Meyers.

Verzeichnis der Getauften der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Barrien – Nr.36/1702/Seite 162/Buch 1: “Meimerich Ritterhoffs Henrichs Tochter ist gebohrn d 20t Juny und d 25t ejusd. getauft. Gevattern waren Meimerich Reemstedt, Gerdt Cruse, Marg. Gerdrut Fuhß.

Verzeichnis der Getrauten der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Barrien – Nr.16/1721/Seite 9/Buch 2: “Johann Christian vom Holtze und Meimerich Ridderhofs – d. 27 9br (i.e. November), Die Braut im Krantze (i.e. virginal).”

Verzeichnis der Getauften der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Barrien – Nr.69/1723/Seite 1699/Buch 2: “Johann Christian v. Holtze, Johann Christians …. Sohn, ist gebohren d 23 xbr (i.e. December), getauft d 25 ejusd. Die Gevattern sind Johann Fuchs, Christian Lüdeken, Beke Magdalena Thölen.

Verzeichnis der Begrabenen der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Barrien – Nr.10/1730/Seite 728/Buch 2: “Johann Christian vom Holtze (Kloppenburg) ist gestorben in der nacht zwischen d. 15 und 16 Febr., begraben d. 20 ejusd., seines Alters 39 Jahre 2 Monate und 3 Wochen.

Verzeichnis der Begrabenen der ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Barrien – Nr.74/1732/Seite 747/Buch 2: “Frantz Thilo vom Holtze, Vogt zu Barrien, ist gestorben d 25 xbr (i.e. December), begraben d 29 ejusd., seines Alters 75 Jahr.